Unsolicited testimonials from our patients.

Thank you for a creating a peaceful, caring place that we enjoyed coming to. - Jerry and Marsha C.
I knew you were special when you got my 2-year old (with a chipped tooth) to obey your every wish! It’s been 3 years and I still can’t get him to do that! My kids have had a very positive dental experience in your capable hands. That attitude will serve them well for years to come. Thanks for everything. - Scott and Betsy C.
Dr. Pousson, [you are] the dentist that restored my confidence and my smile. Then I thought about how I feel when I look into a mirror or when someone gives a nice comment about my smile. I feel good all over. I often think about the actress, Julia Roberts, and her full radiant smile. She is so beautiful. I may never experience the euphoria of walking down the ‘Red Carpet’ in Hollywood or see my name in lights, nor will my name ever be on the front of any major magazine. I will always cherish my smile and remember the dentist who made my healthy smile possible. - Samara W.
Going to the dentist was never something to dread but rather something to look forward to–a visit with a friend….I never felt like ‘just another patient’. I doubt anyone else did either. - Ron and Miki P.

Dear Dr. Pousson,

Today was my first appointment at your office and I wanted to take a moment to give you my impressions of your office, your staff, and you. Now don’t worry they’re all complimentary. So much so that I felt compelled to write and let you know. Here are my casual observations. When I entered your office I was presented with a clean, organized front waiting room. Even your magazines seemed fresh. The music was soft, interesting and not overwhelming. Your receptionist acknowledged me immediately, how very nice.

The time you spent with me discussing my teeth and options for improvement felt like my time. You don’t give the feeling of being rushed or distracted. I like the idea of having options, you gave several. You have a pleasant mannerism, which I’m sure you’ve been told before.

Throughout my lifetime my major contact with a dentist has always been with his hygienist, and yours is top notch. She was polite and efficient and I especially like her personal touches, like the sunglasses, and the Vaseline on the lips and the mouth rinse before she started my cleaning. She made me feel like I was at a spa rather than a dentist’s office. However, what gains the most favor with me was how she cleaned my teeth. I guess I’m rather fussy but I like to feel at the end of a cleaning that some cleaning has been done. There’s cleaning and then there’s deep cleaning. My preference is for the deep cleaning. Too many times I have walked away with gritty teeth full of bubble gum flavor. As my grandson would say, Yucky!

Both your hygienist and your receptionist spoke of how much they enjoyed working in your office. Now that’s a royal compliment to you and one that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before at a dentist’s office.

Congratulations, Dr. Pousson to you and your staff, you’re a success with me and I’m grateful to be in your care.

Sincerely, Patricia G.”